To learn how to create a Vue component, render it inside another component in 5 minutes.

Creating a EmployeeList component

Let’s create our first component, which will display employee lists

  1. In your << project directory >>/src/components directory, create a new file named EmployeeList.vue, and Open the file in your code editor.
  2. Create the component’s template section by adding <template></template> to the top of the file.
  3. Create a <script></script> section below your template section. Inside the <script> tags, add a default exported object export default {}, which is your component object.

Your file should now look like this:

In this article, will guide you on how we can easily create migration files from an existing database

Before start execution, you have to know about how laravel migration works

Step 1: Install the Migrations-Generator package

Xethron created amazing tools that help us generate migration source code from an existing database in Laravel 4.

Run the following composer command:

Step 2: Generate Migration Files from existing Tables

Step 3: Generate Migration for specific tables

Step 4: Generate Migration except for some tables

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